In most countries the word University is a protected name, and granted to institutions after significant demonstration of academic rigor and research scholarship. However in some countries the word “University” is registered as a business name, and degrees are granted for “life experience”. A majority of such universities are in the USA and UK, but there are some in Asia, Europe and Africa. The ICCAA considers as “accredited” only those universities accredited by the 5 regional accrediting agencies in the USA, or those that have a Royal Charter as a university in the UK. In most other countries, as the word “University” is strictly controlled, the ICCAA will recognise all such institutions registered in their countries as universities.



Those holding “degrees” of the following “Universities” HAVE NOT been recognised in the past by the ICCAA as having a recognised university degree.

·         Pacific Western University (USA)

·         Columbia Pacific University (USA)

·         American University of Asia (Sri Lanka)

·         American University of London

·         Browns International University

·         Michigan International University (USA)

·         European University of Ireland

·         Fairfax University (USA)

·         Clayton University (USA)

·         Newport University (USA)

·         International University (USA)

·         Rushmore University (USA)

·         Somerset University (UK)

·         Southern Pacific University (S.P.U.) (St. Kitts & Nevis)

·         Washington International University (USA)

·         Preston University (USA) and affiliated campuses around the world

·         Sussex College of Technology (UK)

·         Rochville University (USA)

·         Calamus International University

·         Royal International University (Virgin Islands)

·         Wisconsin International University

·         Wessex University

·         Canadian College of Professional Management

·         Cosmopolitan University, Chile

·         Atlantic International University, USA

·         Pebble Hill University, USA

·         Mist University

·         Irish University Business School

·         Novus University (USA)

·         Canadian School of Finance and Management (Postgraduate Diploma in Management Carbon Analysis and Auditing)

·         American College of Computer & Information Sciences

[Please see for a full list of unaccredited universities]